Weed Accessories Kit from MISSWEED

The 7 Coolest Must-Have Weed Smoking Accessories of 2021

From seashell grinders to lipstick lighters: these are the essential weed accessories every cool weed smoker should have.

Pink weed Accessories Kit from MISSWEED

Imagine if eyeliner was illegal for nearly a century, what would your options be as a consumer? What if possessing a clutch bag could get you arrested? In both cases, you’d probably be happy with whatever you could get, from a dealer you meet in a parking lot, whose last name you don’t know. 

Something similar has taken place with cannabis. But now weed - and weed accessories - is emerging from the shadows, so we can enjoy a consumer experience that could have never existed when it was underground. 

Today’s weed accessories are well-suited to casual enthusiasts and serious connoisseurs, befitting a mainstream hobby and medicine that is reaching new levels of acceptance - if not becoming an essential service altogether. 

So without further ado, here are 7 of the coolest weed accessories to try out in 2021.

For Rolling Perfect Joints - Van der Pop Calla Multi-Tool

Great joint rollers aren’t born, they’re made - or they just buy the right tool and forget about trying to fake it that they can roll a joint freehand. 

The Van der Pop Calla Multi-Tool is a “joint-rolling aid for all experience levels,” made of cast brass, silver, and rose gold. It’s just as Instagram-ready as any weed, and very easy to use. Just remove the rose gold pokey, roll a paper around the barrel of the silver multi-tool, seal, and remove. Put a filter in the narrow end of the paper, scoop in your weed with the multi-tool, tamp it down with the pokey, and you’ve got your own perfect pre-roll.

Rethinking the Weed Grinder - The Seashell Grinder from MISSWEED

Best grinder from MISSWEED

Simple, functional, and cheap, grinders tend to be like the dental floss of the cannabis world - we just want it to get the job done and don’t care what it looks like. 

But maybe it’s time to rethink the humble grinder. The MISSWEED Seashell Grinder is a gold-colored metal scallop shell, with sharp teeth for cutting up even the densest buds, and strong magnets to hold everything in place. 

It also just looks good, and just may be the type of cool weed grinder that earns a permanent place on the coffee table, and not crammed into a drawer.  

The Bong that Says “I Love You” - Rachel by My Bud Vase

Flowers wither and die, but a bong can last for years - unless gravity and a hardwood floor have other ideas. 

“Rachel” is a six-inch tall blush pink porcelain bong that doubles as a flower vase. White porcelain relief flowers are sculpted around the basin of the bong, along with pastel hydrangea flowers sparkled with rhinestones. Like a revolving bookcase that leads to an underground lair, you simply rotate the flower base on your bookshelf, revealing the bowl. Then load it with weed, cash the bowl, rinse out the bong, put the flowers back in, rotate the bong, and no one is the wiser. 

And beyond being a discrete bong, it’s also just the right size, beautiful, and perfect for (almost) any living room. 

Be Discrete, While Looking Classy AF - the Clutch Bag from MISSWEED


Pink Weed Accessories Clutch bag from MISSWEED


If you’re heading to a friend’s house or meeting for afternoon (or late morning) cocktails and marijuana, you might not want the smell of weed trailing behind you. 

The MISSWEED Clutch Bag is made with fragrance-absorbing material that can keep things low key, making it the perfect cannabis carrying case to toss in your purse - without leaving everything smelling like herb. 

The clutch comes in black or pink, and can match just about any outfit - or strain.

Have Edibles, Will Travel - Inspired Pastilles from Beboe

For a dinner party (remember those?), a long commute, or just an afternoon of self care on the couch, it’s nice to have a go-to edible that you can count on to get you where you want to be. 

Inspired Blend Pastilles by Beboe come in a refreshing tartberry flavor and a perfectly-sized tin that you can slide into your clutch with ease, and which gives off a relaxing vibe just looking at it. 

Each tin contains 20 pastilles which Beboe with a “socially-dosed” 5mg of THC per piece. (Nobody said you have to take just one though).

Better than a Bubble Bath - The Mint Bubbler from Jane West  

The Mint Bubbler by Jane West is the perfect smoker’s companion - and it’s every bit as attractive as it is practical. 

Standing just under 5.5 inches, the Mint Bubbler puts a classy take on the classic handheld mini bong of old. Crafted in collaboration with GRAV (they’re really good at making bongs), it has a carb on the side of the bowl and is the perfect size to fit in one hand, so you can kick back and relax with a smooth smoking experience every time. 

The bubbler is also built to last, with 38mm mint green tubing, and fission downstem that is fixed inside the pipe to make it more durable. And really, who wants to buy a bubbler for their friend or loved one, if it’s just going to break in a month or two?


  • More Jewelry Store than Convenience Store - The Eyeliner Lighter from MISSWEED

    Girly lighter from MISSWEED

    It’s a stereotype about smokers that has stood the test of time, and probably for good reason - they have a tendency to steal your lighter, and usually not on purpose. 

    Part of this is because 99% of the time we’re just using some cheap plastic lighter from the convenience store. They’re easy to overlook, until you find yourself all set to spark up at the end of a long day, and there isn’t a light in sight. 

    The MISSWEED Eyeliner Lighter is a gold, stainless steel lighter that’s made to look like eyeliner, and is sure to make sparking a joint a more sophisticated experience. Also, it’s sleek and unique, and you’re probably less likely to forget where you left it.