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Gift Ideas for the Weed Smoker in Your Life | MISSWEED

Find the perfect gift for the weed smoker in your life - whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday just to say “I’m thinking of you.”


Whether you’re shopping for Christmas presents, birthday presents, or just want to say “I’m thinking of you,” finding the perfect gift for the weed smoker in your life is nowhere near as hard as it used to be. And when that weed fan is a she - your best friend, girlfriend, mother or cool aunt - shopping is obviously that little bit more fun. 
No matter where you are or what type of weed lover she is, there are a few main categories of stoner gifts for her that are a surefire hit. Here’s the lowdown: 

What should every stoner have? 

1. A beautiful lighter 

This one’s a no brainer - at some point every weed-loving woman with an inch of class needs to grow out of her Bics and Clippers. But a good lighter isn’t generally something you’re going to buy for yourself - which makes it the perfect gift. In years gone by a cute little Zippo was a solid option, but these days you can find something that’s made especially for the ladies. 

The MISSWEED Eyeliner Lighter, which comes in the On-the-Go Kit, is a unique stainless steel piece, that looks like - you guessed it! - a tube of eyeliner. Spark it up! 

Girly lighter from MISSWEED

2. A cool vape pen 

Just because she’s a smoker doesn’t mean she’s not also a vaper! 

Choosing a vaporizer is something of a personal affair, so make sure you have all the info before taking the leap. Does she prefer cartridges or dry flower? Or maybe a device that can vape both? Is she a vaping on the go type of gal, or more likely to vape on the couch at home? If she’s going to have it with her at all times you’re going to want to go for something sleek like a Dynavap, whereas if she’s more of a couch potato you can splurge on a solid vaporizer like the Mighty.

Just make sure you get the lowdown before you order, as vaporizers can be tricky to return. 

3. Special occasion rolling papers 

The perfect joint requires the perfect papers, and anyone with Instagram and an interest in weed has seen the array of stunning rolling papers on the market these days - from pretty patterns in all the colors of the rainbow, to 24-carat gold rolling papers made with edible gold. Yep, gold. 

For the ladies that like cones, MISSWEED Papers come in packs of six, all rolled up and ready to pack. And they’re pink, because obviously. 

Preroll cones from MISSWEED

4. Classy storage (for home and on-the-go)

One of the best side effects of the normalization and legalization of cannabis is that we don’t need to feel sketchy anymore when we’re getting our smoke on - no more stashing buds in baggies in the back of the drawer or carrying shake in film canisters (!!) to cover the smell. 

The MISSWEED Clutch Bag is a stoner birthday gift that can also double as a fashion accessory - and its fragrance-absorbing material means that no one needs to know what you’re carrying unless you want them to. 


Pink Weed Accessories Clutch bag from MISSWEED


5. The perfect grinder

There are a few elements to the perfect grinder - it should be sturdy, easy to clean, and most importantly - it should do a good job of grinding up your herb. Anything less and you might as well just throw half of your weed into the trash. The perfect grinder chops up your bud while keeping the trichomes intact, so it’s not just a matter of aesthetics - though of course since it’s a gift you’re going to want it to look good, too. 

There are grinders on the market with a billion different pieces, kief catchers, and tiny scraper brushes, but when it comes to the best weed gifts for her, you can’t go wrong with the MISSWEED Seashell. It’s cute AF, works like a charm, closes with a strong magnet so it won’t get lost in your purse, and for bonus points it’s hardcore enough to throw in the dishwasher. Beat that, scissors!  


6. Pipes and one-hitters and bongs, oh my

A list of gifts for pot smokers wouldn’t be complete without pretty pipes, one-hitters (preferably with a fun dugout) and of course, bongs. Just like vapes, choosing a smoking device is something of a personal affair, so you’re going to want to make sure you know the recipient pretty well before taking a stab here. Having said that, if you’re happy taking risks - or your local headshop has a good exchange policy - all you really need is a sense of her style and you should be able to find something fitting. Worst case scenario it’ll end up on display rather than in constant use. 

For smokers who toke throughout the day, a one-hitter with a wooden dugout is always a good bet, whereas if your friend is more of an end-of-the-day smoker, a bong might be a better fit. 

7. Don’t forget the gift wrap! 

When all is said and done, stoner gifts are the same as any other gift - and they’re even more fun if they’re wrapped up nicely. Get your hands on some fun cannabis leaf wrapping paper, or go all out and get your friend the MISSWEED On-the-Go Kit, which comes in a super cute gift box. 


Weed Accessories Kit from MISSWEED