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How to Wow Your Friends By Rolling the Perfect Joint - Every Time

If you’re into smoking weed - or impressing people that smoke weed - knowing how to roll the perfect joint is a badass party trick, an art form of sorts.
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If you’re into smoking weed - or impressing people that smoke weed - knowing how to roll the perfect joint is a badass party trick, an art form of sorts. And once you perfect your technique, you’ll be able to enjoy your handiwork in a couple of minutes tops. Despite the different consumption methods available today to consume cannabis - from tinctures and edibles to dabbing and vaping - there’s something timeless about the classic joint.  

First of all - it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. All you need to roll the perfect joint is: 

  • Rolling papers
  • Cannabis flower
  • A grinder (but you can also use your fingers to break it up, or scissors) 
  • Some sort of filter 
  • Fire! 

    Joints are also portable, fairly discrete, and fun to prepare. 

    There’s rolling a good joint - something that will stay together, burn evenly, and get the good stuff into your system. And then, there’s rolling the perfect joint. Here’s what you need to do to achieve the latter, in five easy steps:

    1. Grind 

    Break up anywhere between a quarter of a gram and a gram of dry cannabis flower. Using a grinder is ideal, but if you don’t have one on hand you can also break it up with your fingers, or use scissors. You’re going to want to handle the flower as little as possible to leave the trichomes intact. A medium grind is ideal for the perfect joint. 

    A note on grinders: cleaning is key! Keeping a grinder cleaning schedule is probably overkill, but it’s good practice to clean it every few months to keep it in top shape. High quality grinders, like the MISSWEED Seashell, for instance, are durable enough to throw into the dishwasher.






    2. Get your filter ready 

    For the perfect roll, place your filter inside the rolling paper before you get the weed into the paper. With the right grip, this is what’s going to make sure you get the shape and texture just right. 

    If you’re using a pre-rolled cone like the MW PAPER, you can skip this step.

    3. Just add weed 

    Using some sort of funnel - like folded paper or the MISSWEED blush, tip your ground cannabis into your paper, or into your cone if that’s your preference. You might get some spillage, so make sure you do this over a rolling tray or a piece of paper.



    Weed stash box from MISSWEED



    4. Roll it up or pack it down

    Use your fingers to roll the paper back and forth, while being careful not to squash your bud too much, then lick the gum and roll it up tightly. Make sure you keep the rolling paper under tension with your fingers so you don’t end up with weak spots in your joint. 

    Once you’ve sealed the paper, hold the open end of the joint and give it a gentle shake to achieve the perfect pack. Twist it at the end to make sure you don’t lose any weed. 

    If you’re using a pre-rolled cone, shake it up a bit and add more ground cannabis if needed.



    Rolling paper from MISSWEED


    5. Store it or spark it! 

    Now for the fun bit - either stash your joint in your lipstick tube for later or light it up and enjoy on the spot.

    How tight should my joint be? 

    You want to take the Goldilocks approach here - not too tight, not too loose. Too tight and it’s going to be hard to pull on and won’t burn well. Too loose and your joint is going to be all limp, the weed is going to fall out all over the place, it’s likely to burn unevenly. Basically, you want to pack it firmly, but not too tight. Using the gentle shake described above is a good start, and as you get more experienced you should get a feel for it pretty quickly.   

    Are cone joints better than rolling your own? 

    Honestly, there’s no real answer to this question - it’s just a matter of personal preference. If you’re good with your hands, roll your own cigarettes, or are particularly into homemade sushi, you’re probably going to be a natural at rolling the perfect joint. If you’re more of a DIY kit, takeaway sushi kind of gal, go for the cone - at least at first. 

    What’s the difference between a joint, a blunt, and a spliff? 

    Good question! It’s pretty simple, really. What joints, blunts, and spliffs have in common is that they’re all cigarette-like ways to smoke cannabis. The differences are in the little details. 

    A joint is probably the best-known way to consume weed - and for good reason. It’s simple to learn how to roll the perfect joint, it’s portable, and it’s easy to share (well, pre-COVID days). A joint is rolled with a paper and filter and contains only cannabis. 

    A spliff is pretty similar to a joint but contains tobacco mixed with the cannabis inside. This method of cannabis consumption is particularly popular in Europe and Australia, and less so in North America. In terms of how it feels, the stimulating effects of nicotine definitely affect the high - so expect more of a buzzy experience from a spliff than a joint. 

    A blunt is like a joint, but uses a blunt wrap or emptied out cigar instead of regular rolling papers. Like a spliff, the tobacco in the wrap is likely to add a racy feeling to your high. The perfect blunt is also usually bigger than your average joint or spliff and tends to burn for much longer.