Meet 5 of the most influential women in weed in 2021

5 influential women in weed that we want to be besties with

It’s no exaggeration to say that the cannabis industry is booming - and in a major way. In the United States alone, the legal cannabis industry is forecast to have an economic impact of $92 billion...
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Do Cannabis And Exercise Go Together?

Cannabis is becoming more mainstream, but old stereotypes die hard. Perhaps none more so than that of the “lazy stoner” who doesn’t leave the couch for days at a time, and is allergic to the gym o...
Here’s What You Need to Know About Cannabis and Meditation

Here’s What You Need to Know About Cannabis and Meditation

Mixing weed and meditation is a highly-personalized experience. For some it can help their practice, while for others it might hinder it.
Why Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed to Smoke Weed

Why Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed to Smoke Weed

Men do actually consume more cannabis than women, and women can end up feeling ashamed about their cannabis use. And there’s just no reason for that.
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How Weed Can Make Having Sex High Even Better For Women

Here are a few tips to help make sure that having sex high is something you’ll wanna do over and over - and not avoid for years to come (pun intended).
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4 Sweet Cannabis Dessert Recipes for Valentine's Day

Surprise the one you love by whipping up a batch of romantic weed edibles that will make this a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget
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The 7 Coolest Must-Have Weed Smoking Accessories of 2021

From seashell grinders to lipstick lighters: these are the essential weed accessories every cool weed smoker should have.
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Gift Ideas for the Weed Smoker in Your Life | MISSWEED

Find the perfect gift for the weed smoker in your life - whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday just to say “I’m thinking of you.”  
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How to Wow Your Friends By Rolling the Perfect Joint - Every Time

If you’re into smoking weed - or impressing people that smoke weed - knowing how to roll the perfect joint is a badass party trick, an art form of sorts.