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You’re at least 21, right?

High Achievers

Several years ago, after meeting during a law school exam, Gil Almog and Inna Broder reconnected over drinks and an idea: chic weed accessories for the modern woman. 

Gil, having added cannabis to her wellness routine as a way to keep her balanced while growing into her new role as a mother, had years of experience working in the cannabis industry and saw firsthand the lack of products available to her inquisitive clients.  For Inna, leaning into cannabis had helped with PTSD from an accident years prior to her win on The Amazing Race. 

Together, their mission was to remove the stigma surrounding women and the cannabis industry by creating superiorly designed, yet discreet, accessories for women to enhance their cannabis experience. They called it MISSWEED and it’s been helping Golden Girls get high-minded ever since.

High Society

High Society

We set standards, we luxe freely and above all, we live authentically. We fully believe in the power of cannabis and use its positivity to enhance our wellness experience. With beautifully crafted accessories, designed to be discreet, we can confidently swipe left on the day-to-day adversities. For the times when we need to give our wellness a boost, we spark up our chicly-packed MISSWEED stash and keep moving forward. After all, we’re high-minded women.

High Standards

Lead Subtlety
We believe that it's your business to share and on your terms. We use this philosophy to create products that help you be discreet until then. Because our discretion is your power. And it doesn't need to be loud to be heard.
Embrace Authenticity
We give you the space and support to lean into all of the different facets that make up who you are.
Design with Taste
We create high-quality, superiorly designed accessories that are crafted for form and function. Who said your wellness couldn't be beautiful?
Influence Culture
We're breaking barriers around stereotypical cannabis culture by rewriting the narrative and empowering women around the globe.