Why Pre-rolled Cones Are The Hottest Weed Accessory In 2021 – MISSWEED Why Pre-rolled Cones Are The Hottest Weed Accessory In 2021 – MISSWEED


You’re at least 21, right?

Why Pre-rolled Cones Are The Hottest Weed Accessory In 2021

There was a time when all you needed to roll a joint was a paper, some weed, and two hands. That’s great, but there was also a time when you needed to unfold a road map while flying down the highway to know where you were going, when you had to look things up in an encyclopedia, and when if you missed that week’s episode of a TV show, it was gone forever.

Times have changed and we’ve become accustomed to letting all types of gadgets cut corners and do the legwork for us. The same can go for joint rolling, especially when you have some pre-rolled cones on hand.

Why pre-rolled cones are easier than freehand joints 

  • Pre-rolled cones are quicker 

  • Though rolling a cone isn’t the most time-consuming process, pre-roll cones make twisting one up a lot quicker. Sure, you still have to grind up your weed, but you don’t need to roll up a crutch (the filter), and gingerly try to hold the paper open while you add weed and gradually twist and seal it into a cone. 

    This makes pre-rolls perfect if you’re planning a big night out with friends, hosting a house party, or organizing your supplies for an all-day music festival. With pre-rolls, you can have an arsenal of joints in no time. 

  • Pre-rolled cones are just easier 

  • It’s not that hard to learn how to roll cones, but why not make it easier? With pre-rolled joint cones, the paper is already seamlessly-affixed to a perfectly-rolled crutch, and all you need to do is grind your weed and scoop it into the open end of the cone. And once you’ve put in enough herb (that’s up to you) you just cinch and twist the end, give it a little shake, and you’re done. 

  • A uniform roll every time 

  • It may be true that ultimately the most important thing about a joint (or a bowl, a bong, a vape) is the high. But with joints, the right look and feel in your hand can take the experience up another notch. 

    Think of it almost like a craft cocktail - the same amount of booze in a styrofoam cup will get you just as buzzed, but the perfect tumbler and garnish can really heighten the experience. 

    After all, before we take that first pull, we first experience weed with our nose and our eyes, and what we see can make a difference to how we feel. 

  • Pre-roll blunt wraps - no need to buy and dump cigars 

  • From the thick smoke to the sweet taste on your lips, blunts just hit different. 

    But for most people, rolling blunts means first buying a pack of cigars - just to split ‘em and dump em. With blunt wraps or pre-rolled blunt cones, you can cut out the middleman, and get straight to your roll. 

    Also, rolling a blunt and sealing it can be a bit of a wet mess, but if you’re just scooping weed into the end of the cone, things are a good bit more simple. 

    And while blunt purists may disapprove, cones can also come with a paper filter at the bottom, so you can smoke it to the end without having to mess with a wet blunt roach right on your fingertips.  

  • You never get a second chance to make a first joint impression 

  • At a social function, having the superpower to make joints materialize from thin air should earn you future invites, or at least help break the ice when you’re mingling. But if you’re able to make perfectly-rolled, instagram ready cones materialize, even better. 

    We’re talking about the type of cone joints that gets passed and the person on the receiving end will actually stop mid-sentence to grin and comment on the handiwork. 

    MISSWEED 6-pack Pre-rolled Cones 

    Rolled up and ready to fill, the MISSWEED pink paper cones come in a pack of six and are perfect for twisting up a batch of flawless joints for your and your circle of friends, or for when you want to fix yourself a perfect little cone. 

    They go great paired with the MISSWEED Blush, which you can use to store a little weed - and which turns into a funnel for tipping the herb into a pre-roll cone. And once it’s twisted up just right, you can place it in the MISWEED lipstick tube for safe keeping. 

    Where or who you smoke with it, is up to you.