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How to Store Weed So It Will Stay Fresh

Popping open a container of freshly-bought cannabis is an experience of its own. Gazing at the perfectly trimmed flower, holding it between your fingers and taking in the smell and the sparkly trichome crystals that cover the nug like a tiny little weed disco ball. But while you’re picking the perfect Instagram filter for your #weedporn pics, keep in mind that cannabis can lose some of that freshness with time or if stored incorrectly. 

So how do you keep your weed looking and smelling like it did when you fell in love at first sight? Other than just smoking it quicker (honestly an effective method), here are some tips. 

How long does weed stay fresh in a small container?

Cannabis is a perishable, organic substance that begins to degrade as soon as it’s harvested. After the drying and curing process is completed, the two main factors that can affect cannabis freshness are time and storage conditions. 

If stored correctly, cannabis can last six months or longer (assuming you don’t finish it before then) without losing a large amount of potency or freshness. But can weed actually go bad?

If weed is kept in moist, humid conditions, it can develop mold. Smoking moldy weed can be very harsh and actually dangerous if you have a weakened immune system. But making you sick isn’t the only consideration. With time, weed can dry out, breaking down some of the terpenes, which are responsible for the aroma, flavor, and some of the effects of cannabis strains. 

But when storing weed there are four main conditions to factor in - oxygen, light, heat, and moisture. 

The main enemies of weed freshness - oxygen, light, heat, moisture 

Too much exposure to oxygen can dry out your buds, while not enough air can speed up moisture development, especially if the cannabis was not properly dried after harvest. UV rays can also degrade the cannabinoids and cause it to lose potency. Similarly, excessive heat can dry out and degrade the buds, while too much moisture can lead to the development of mold.  

Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent these storage problems.

How to keep weed fresh in a box/container

  • Keep your weed in a cool, dark place 

The easiest step to preserving your weed is to find a cool, dark spot where your stash will be safe from light or heat exposure. For instance a shelf at the back of your closet, or inside of a drawer in your wine cabinet. You may want to consider a dark container such as a brown or dark green mason jar, which will further protect against light damage. 

  • Get an airtight container 

To protect your herb from over exposure to air, keep it in an airtight container. One of the most popular and effective types of airtight weed containers is a glass mason jar, which has the added bonus of being static free - unlike ziploc bags, which can produce static and damage or remove the trichomes from your buds. Also, try not to get a container that is far larger than your stash, to limit the amount of stale air inside.

In addition to being airtight, the best weed storage containers should be dark or completely light-proof, and have odor-absorbing or eliminating properties built in.  

  • Out of sight out of mind 

This may be the hardest step, but try not to open the container too much. We all love opening the stash jar and taking a big, deep inhale, but the more you handle your weed the quicker it will start losing some of that freshness. 

Can you avoid the weed smell if you store it in a small container?

Some strains are more aromatic than others, and just popping the top of your stash box can fill the room with that smell that leaves nothing to the imagination. An airtight container should take care of most of the aroma but possibly not all of it.

Try putting your cannabis inside a container within a larger container, or just make sure to keep it stashed somewhere out of sight where if a little aroma gets out it won't be noticed. But if you’re really concerned, you can also consider buying an odor-proof or odor-absorbing bag for your stash, or even branch into air fresheners, odor absorbers, or incense - though this could be a giveaway if you aren't usually the type to use incense or scented candles. 

The bottom line, as long as you keep your cannabis in an airtight container stashed outside of any common areas in your house, you probably shouldn’t worry too much about the smell. 

The MISSWEED cactus



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While “having too much weed to smoke it all before it gets a little dry” is a major first world problem, it’s also pretty common among cannabis fans these days. The weed options are now endless and the quality is so high that it only makes sense that we’re flush with weed, and want to keep it at its best for as long as they can. 

Luckily, with just a little effort that shouldn’t be a problem at all.